Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mehndi in the West 2013

Commonly, it is said that mehndi is only associated with the eastern tradition only but it is quite wrong. But it also right that it is so much popular in the eastern countries as it is the tradition and part of their most occurred events. In west the value of mehndi is also quite at the top of all the fashion articles. Mehnd designs 2013 which are used in the west are so simple but they have their own unique grace. They can easily impress any one. These designs are consisted of eye catching patterns and beautiful designs of mehndi being used on the several events. In east mehndi is use in a large amount. And designs are made according to the event. The length of the designs and patterns tell the value and importance of the event. Usually large designs and patterns are followed on the big events. And short designs are used on common events. But the mehndi designs in the west are so much different but too much nice and superb and eye catching in their perfect and unique designs. 

Mehndi in the West 2013 Pictures


  1. The trend of making mehndi design tattoos has become quite popular in the west. The Western women like to have their body parts adorned with beautiful mehndi designs.