Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sun Flower Mehndi Designs 2013

Sun flower mehndi designs 2013 for the women have been in the fashion market for the women of Pakistan. Mehndi designs are available in the unique and quite attractive styles. These designs are available in the different patterns to be applied on the hands. Mehndi is applied on hands with the different patterns and styles. Some times a special type of flower or flower type pattern is made on the hands with the mehndi. Floral patterns are of so many different types. Some are quite simple and some are full luxurious in their nature. The variety of the flower designs are so much in number that they can not be discussed and explained in the short time. Let see the most beautiful and mostly used patterns of the mehndi designs as the sun flower patterns. These are the patterns of mehndi on the hands and some type of sun flower and their parts with the typical designs. The sun flower designs 2013 for the hands are the most beautiful natural designs for the mehndi to be applied on the hands. Have an over view of the sunflower mendi designs and get ready to apply them before it gets too much late. 

Sun Flower Mehndi Designs 2013 Pictures


  1. OMG! now this is something very special for a mehndi lover like me. All the designs are so beautiful, but i liked the first one very much because on the back, it is something very appreciable. Now i m expecting mehndi on all of my body for the next HOLI.:)