Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Filler Mehndi Designs 2013

New fillers mehndi designs 2013 for the beautiful hands are available in the market. Theses have been made by the most of the fashion brands in Pakistan. No woman can say that she do not do any type of fashion because mehndi has equal attraction fro all the ladies. It has been so much popular ever among the women and girls of every region and area and class. Mehndi is the only fashion item which has no harm. And how, it may be harmful because it is quite natural. Mehndi is the natural and herbal item. It is prepared by the green leaves of henna and then these are grind to the finely powdered from. And after this process it is available for the user to use and apply it on hands and on legs and also on full arms and feet. Some time mehndi is not used in its pure form and some fillers are added to mehndi to make it more beautiful and attractive. The new filler mehndi designs can be seen from any news paper magazines. They are in the fashion magazines. Some have put in the fashion market their whole collection for the fashion designs of mehndi. Let see some of new fillers mehndi designs 2013. 

New Filler Mehndi Designs 2013


  1. Love the mehndi designs on your blog. I for one am not a big fan of full designs, I like it simple yet with great motifs.